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Control throughout the Complete Process – even during Cooling.

Vacuum Cooling reduces the Baking Time

Aston Foods' vacuum technology has been developed specifically for the demanding application in the bakery industry. The technology beats any conventional cooling process easily resulting in cooling times of but a few minutes. Thanks to an unrivalled degree of process safety the quality of the baked goods and the cost effectiveness of the production are significantly higher.


With vacuum cooling the baked goods in a vacuum chamber are not only cooled but also baked to completion as gelatinisation of the starch and denaturation of the protein continue in the first phase of the cooling process while the temperature is high. This allows to reduce the baking time. In addition the evaporation of the residual water in the product completes and improves the crumb and crust of the baked goods. Thanks to the enormously shortened cooling times and reduction in baking time achieved with this vacuum technology Aston Foods is opening up new paths for more cost-saving baking processes.
When the baked product leaves the vacuum system after just a few minutes the crumb is completely developed. The product can be consumed immediately or can undergo further processing.

Vacuum Cooling affects the Process positively

Vacuum cooling has a positive impact
on virtually the entire production process.
Baking, cooling, further processing, packaging, transport and storage
(shelf life).

Cooling time, baking time, overall process time, energy costs, unit costs and waste

Productivity, quality, shelf life and freshness

Amortisation within 2 years!

The process explained in 3 minutes

Key benefits of vacuum cooling

Vacuum cooling reduces the production costs

    • Vacuum cooling saves time and space which in fact amounts to an increase in productivity.
    • Thanks to vacuum cooling, baking time can be cut by up to 40% resulting in an enormous reduction in energy costs.
    • Vacuum cooling raises quality and reduces waste thanks to the enhanced process reliability.

Vacuum cooling boosts productivity

    • Vacuum cooling guarantees an increase in productivity with lower space requirements, lower energy costs, increased process reliability and higher product quality.
    • Vacuum cooling extends the shelf life and enables optimisation of the product batch sizes and thus in turn more efficient production and distribution planning.

Vacuum cooling extends the freshness

    • Products that have been vacuum cooled are crispier and retain their crispness longer than conventionally baked and cooled products.
    • Vacuum cooling gives the baked goods greater volume.
    • Vacuum cooling under controlled conditions excluding outside influences reduces the microbiological impact on the baked goods.

Aston Foods Baking Days

See the results for yourself during a demonstration and together with our bakers define the best parameters for your entire baking process so you, too, can reap the benefits of vacuum cooling.

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