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Aston Foods offers solutions for commercial and industrial bakeries


Aston Foods has developed a new generation of systems that boast an optimised design and control software created specifically for baked goods. Vacuum cooling, or rather vacuum baking, offers innovative bakers a technology that boosts efficiency and promotes quality enabling them to gain an edge over the competition.

The vacuum technology from Aston Foods is available as a batch system for commercial bakeries working with oven racks and as a semi-continuous system for industrial baking systems.

Batch system

The batch chamber is designed for the manual loading of oven racks which ensures great flexibility in use.

The batch chamber is available in different sizes and with its throughput rate of up to 1,500 kg/h is ideally suited for medium-volume/high-mix bakeries. A batch chamber typically has a capacity for 4 to 6 rack ovens. Loading from a shelf oven is also possible.

NEREUS Gen-2 batch vacuum cooling system


The key feature of the fully-automatic Continua is the integration of the semi-continuous vacuum cooling process in a baking line.

The Continua is modular in design and consists of several vacuum chambers arranged horizontally one above the other. Each vacuum chamber is connected directly with a vacuum pump and controlled via a joint controller. Loading and unloading of the vacuum chamber is fully automatic and part of the system. The mechanical dimensions are scalable and can be adjusted to the dimensions of the feed conveyor oven and the required throughput. Typical applications include high-volume/low-mix lines with throughput rates of approximately 1,500 to 10,000 kg/h.

The following video shows a 4-deck Continua with 2.5 m working width for tinned white bread, buns etc. The cooling time is 90 - 180 seconds depending on the product. This medium-sized line is one over several Aston Foods Continuas that are installed worldwide and has a capacity of approx. 3'000 kg per hour.

The following video shows a 5-deck Continua with 4 m working width for cake. The cooling time is 120 seconds with a load of 90 kg per batch. This large-sized line is one of several Aston Foods Continuas that are installed worldwide. It is in operation since April 2013, runs in mulit-shift operation and has a capacity of approx. 6'500 kg per hour.

Raphael Bachmann
Head of Logistics/Production,
Board of Directors

«Quality is our most important aim – vacuum cooling is a key element in this respect»

«Our bakery has a long and successful tradition. We always place great importance on the quality of our baked goods, because that is the only way to gain new customers. The limited amount of space available on our bakery premises is a great challenge for us in the baking process, so a leaner process with optimum space utilisation is a top priority for us, of course. The changeover to vacuum cooling opened up a whole new range of possibilities for us. Our output rose significantly after procuring the batch system for vacuum cooling and we saw an ever greater increase in the quality of our products. Both our customers and we ourselves found the results more than convincing, which is why we purchased a second vacuum cooling system.»

Aston Foods Baking Days

See the results for yourself during a demonstration and together with our bakers define the best parameters for your entire baking process so you, too, can reap the benefits of vacuum cooling.

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