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Aston Foods International is the leading company

Business divisions

Vacuum cooling systems
We develop and construct vacuum cooling systems for commercial and industrial bakeries. Based on production data, such as output volumes, type of baking and trays etc., we develop customer-specific solutions for new systems and retrofits. Together with our customers we successfully complete the project on schedule.

24 h After Sales Support
Aston Foods supports its customers even after installation of the systems with expertise and experience – around the clock. We offer customised service agreements in line with the requirements of our customers.

Application consulting
Our bakery experts help you with product development and offer their support with the creation of recipes and settings for your production lines. Our specialists would also be glad to advise you with any technical problems you might have. Our team is made up of specials from all disciplines, such as bakery skills, food technology, process engineering, machine construction and electrical engineering.

About Aston Foods International AG

Aston Foods International AG is the market leader for the manufacture of vacuum cooling systems for baked goods in the commercial and industrial sectors. Systems constructed by Aston Foods are Swiss quality products and can be found in operation all over the world.

Aston Foods International AG is a member of the Future Finance group. This group of Swiss industrialists with its long-term orientation is domiciled in Zug and is 100% privately owned.


CEO, Sales & Marketing

Jörg Trübl



René Hunziker

Karl Nicklaus, onwer of Aston Foods

Karl Nicklaus’ vision is to develop sustainable products that offer customers above-average benefits using a minimum of materials and energy. His ambition is to generate real added value for society with future-orientated technologies and to do this as successfully as possible.


The son of a master tailor from Thurgau Mr Nicklaus already demonstrated his entrepreneurial talent while still at school. He collected defective radios, which he then repaired and sold at a profit. After completing his apprenticeship as an electrician Mr Nicklaus went on to qualify as an engineer.
In the late fifties he turned his attention to the manufacturing of low-frequency crystal oscillators. At the start of the sixties his interest turned to the germanium transistor technology developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which in turn led to his virtually independent development of planar silicon technology in 1967 while working for a subsidiary of the former Hasler AG. In parallel to his professional career Karl Nicklaus also acquired the expertise he needed. He became a member of Swiss Engineering STV in May 1967.
After 10 years gaining professional experience working the field of solid state technology he joined an American company that supplied the European semi-conductor market. In his position as consulting engineer he became well acquainted with the requirements of the market. He remained in this position for just one year. With his knowledge of the market he went on to found the company ESEC with a colleague in December 1968. As early as 1975 ESEC was already supplying the global semi-conductor market and within 30 years it grew into an imposing company employing 1000 people. Karl Nicklaus floated the company on the stock market with resounding success in 1994. In the year 2000 he sold his shares in ESEC to the then UNAXIS.
He continued his career by lending his support to smaller Swiss companies that shared his visionary ambitions, as was the case with Aston Foods, which he acquired in the year 2012.
Since 1998 he has been an elected individual member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences / SATW. In 2012 Karl Nicklaus was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Basel in recognition of his great commitment to field of technology.

Aston Foods Baking Days

See the results for yourself during a demonstration and together with our bakers define the best parameters for your entire baking process so you, too, can reap the benefits of vacuum cooling.

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