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Come and see for yourself the benefits of vacuum cooling:

Test your own Products with our Bakers

Book your personal ASTON FOODS BAKING DAYS and put vacuum cooling to the acid test with your recipes. Together with our master bakers you will bake your own products in our fully equipped baking center.

Baking Center

Our fully equipped baking center is at the disposal of our customers and other interested experts for trials and product development.

Our bakery has all the equipment needed for preparing baked goods, including kneading machines, proofer, rack oven, shelf oven and, of course, a vacuum chamber that is always kept in line with our latest developments. We keep our own raw materials and those sent to us by you in specially equipped rooms, or rather refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms. We also have an office which is available for the exclusive use of customers.

Baking Center Equipment

    • Vacuum cooling system for one oven rack
    • Rack oven for one rack
    • Shelf oven (4 shelves / 9 trays per shelf level)
    • Proofer for two oven racks
    • Spiral kneading machine (80L)
    • Dough divider
    • Dough roller
    • Several oven racks with 18 trays (800 x 600)
    • Mixer for cream
    • Refrigeration and deep-freeze cell (-20°C / 5°C)
    • Various baking moulds and tins

Our Engineering Team is at your Service

Our specialists have many years of experience in the construction of systems and special machines. Our inter-disciplinary team plans and constructs cost-saving and reliable vacuum systems for our customers. Our team of food, machine and electrical engineers work together with our bakers to develop the ideal solution for you. Supported by our effective and flexible After Sales Department we guarantee speedy, round-the-clock service.

Our Bakers are Pioneers

In addition to providing consultations in our own Baking Center, our bakers also support our customers with their experience directly on the customer’s own premises in order to achieved optimum results with the vacuum cooling system.

Aston Foods Baking Days

See the results for yourself during a demonstration and together with our bakers define the best parameters for your entire baking process so you, too, can reap the benefits of vacuum cooling.

+41 58 666 06 00