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Vacuum cooling of baked goods

from the Number 1, of course

Let us entice you into the world
of baking with vacuum cooling.
Two and a half minutes that are well worthwhile.

Would you like to produce more and better goods in your bakery on less space?
Vacuum cooling makes this possible.

The strengths of Aston Foods vacuum cooling

Cooling time, baking time, overall process time, energy costs, unit costs and waste

Productivity, quality, shelf life and freshness

Amortisation within 2 years!


Vacuum cooling offers innovative bakers a technology that boosts efficiency and promotes quality, enabling them to gain an edge over the competition. Along with space and time saving our concept not only convinces with unbeatable process safety but also by its impeccable hygienic design and the ergonomic user interface. Our vacuum cooling systems features sophisticated software that offers flexible solutions and scalable performance in order to cover a wide range of products.

+41 58 666 06 00